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Using Social Media in Football Companies of the...
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Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2011 in the subject Communications - Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, grade: 1,0, Academy for health and sport, language: English, abstract: Who thinks that football enterprises are only clubs is not right. Football clubs are even more big companies and its work has grown up. 'Who thought that Bundesliga clubs only meet for a sporty competition should have a look into the companies register.'(11 Freunde, P. 42, 2010) From the Bayern München AG to the St. Pauli Marketing GmbH, companies and professional trade have taken place in the Bundesliga. The question is why does the Bundesliga need social media and why is social media a good instrument in the football business? Football is probably the most popular sport in the world; about 174 million people in Europe are interested in it which makes about 71 percent. In Germany it is about 81 percent of the population. Because of this huge sympathy an economically coefficient grows out. (Comparative Sponsors, P. 32, 2009) Such loyal fans can bring more sales and the companies are not that forced to be successful in its sport. Football is also a European competition between clubs to get the best players, sponsors and the best sales. The clubs can influence the fans to buy more products or even attract new fans. A popular instrument to get attention and to get a better costumer relationship is using the social media.

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